How to clean your mink lashes

Mink lashes can last for many uses if taken care of properly. 

Always handle them gently with care.  Do not pull or tug the lash band.  


For lashes used with Magic Eyeliner

1. Use a cotton bud and dab your usual makeup remover

2. Go over the lash band a few times above and under.  Above to remove eyeshadow..etc, Under to remove eyeliner.

3. Ta-dah! Clean lashes again!  Keep your lashes into our beautiful magnetic casing! 


For lashes used with glue

We recommend cleaning your mink lash after every 2-3 uses.  Once you notice the dried glue start building up, use your fingertips to gently peel it off.  Another way is to use a tweezer to peel off the goo but you have to be extra gentle.  Do not try to soak mink lashes as it will cause damage.

We understand not everyone can take care of mink lashes the same way diligently, even for myself, i admit that i don't really clean them that often because of my packed schedule, and a pair of mink lash can still last me up to more than 10 uses (about 2 weeks), which is around the same period of having an eyelash extensions where they typically start to drop around 2 weeks. 

If you like to apply mascara, apply and let it dry, before putting on your mink lash.

Lastly, always store your mink lash properly after using.  We have a beautiful magnetic casing for you to store it to protect against dirt, dust and bacteria.

And after using up the life of the mink lash, do not throw away the magnetic casing as it can be used to store small jewelry or accessories!