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How to use MAGIC LashLiner

TIP on using MAGIC Eyeliner:-

You should apply a few layer of eyeliner and also on both the tip of your eye for stronger hold and prevent the lash from lifting.  While drawing the eyeliner, do note that it has to be longer/same length as the strip lash that you are applying and stick the lashes according to the liner you drawn. 

It works just like a normal eyeliner and will not build up like glue or magnetic eyeliner which contains iron powder.  


Before use:-

1. Press the tail button down until it clicks. Once you press down the tail, it will not go back to the original position.
2. Shake the liner pen to make sure the ink infiltrates the tip faster.
3. Leave it for about 1-3 minutes until the ink totally infiltrates the tip. 


How to use:-
1. Draw the eyeliner along your lash line, just like you always do.
2. Let the liner dry and put the lashes on. Done!



An ideal eyeliner shape for the Lash to stick better:-

A thicker liner shape will stick better than a thin liner shape. 

It is ok to draw multiple layer as this is not like glue and will not build up and become clumpy. 


1. Do not use the product if there are wounds in your skin.
2. Stop using the product if allergic reaction occurs.
3. Please keep the product away from children.
4. In case the ink dries out, please cap the pen immediately after using.

This product is cruelty free.