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💎About Us💎

Why are we called TheBarbieLash?  Our lashes are named after barbie dolls!

TheBarbieLash is created for ladies who love fake eyelashes, but do not have the luxury to visit a lash salon and get it fixed for hours.  

We bring in really good quality and natural looking 3D Mink Lashes that is reusable for up to 25 times with proper care.  It is also 100% handmade, comfortable and feels very light as the lash band is made of soft cotton. 

Our mink lashes are sourced from the best suppliers and we curate every lash design with your needs in mind.  Our lash designs are very unique and we are confident to say you can't find similar ones elsewhere.  Tailored to suit asian women features,  even for hooded and smaller eye shape, they look natural and nothing too over the top.  We believe these are what sets us apart from other e-stores.

Besides quality assurance, we also have a beautiful diamond-shaped magnetic case for you to keep the lashes away from dust, dirt and bacteria.  It would made a great gift for your girl friends on birthdays or special occasions.  

Our products are all MSDS and FDA approved and in accordance with regulations. 

 *Please note that we only sell faux mink and vegan-friendly lashes. If you have any concerns, do drop us a message.